Composing a notification message is done in four simple steps, each step providing easy access to functionalities needed for you to reach your target audience. In each step concise summary of the information of the previous step is given to keep you constantly informed about the changes you have made so far and prevent any confusion.

Select your audience by searching communities and groups you already have, adding phone numbers, and email addresses. When you have entered a new phone number or email address you can add the new audience to any of your communities by clicking on Add the Subscriber(s) to the Community button.

When choosing multiple communities, addresses, and etc. as the audience you can group them up by giving them a group name in case later you would want to address the same audience.

You should choose the channels you would want your notification to be sent from. For Mobile Push you can choose Android and IOS platforms separately, as they have different settings. Also, for Web Push you can choose other browsers and Safari separately.