BlipNow is a push notification application for big to small communities that provides a single platform for sending messages to the members of the community using the most convenient communication channel. You can reach your audience through SMS, email, web push, mobile push, Slack, Telegram. Using the web application or the mobile app your followers can choose how they would like to receive your notifications by enabling and disabling different channels. So, you do not have to worry about being unsubscribed.  

Blip Community

You can create Blip communities for your different social groups such as your customers, students in your class, your charity members, followers of your bots, signal broadcasting systems, your gym subscribers… it is BlipNow’s mission to ensure that your messages will reach your audience in the most effective way. Want to target a broader range of audience? Create public Blip communities and let BlipNow users find you on the website, the mobile app, or the web app easily. 


BlipNow's analytics is a very powerful and insightful tool enabling you to have a 360degree overview of your application and your community. With this information at hand you will have a better knowledge about how to improve your audience's engagement with your community. Analytics section is composed of three categories, Audience, Engagement, and Notifications. Audience category includes geolocation of followers and the statistics of number of followers. Engagement category illustrates the open rate of your communities' notifications in contrast with the total number of notifications sent and the session distribution which is your followers' active hours. Notifications category contains statistical information regarding the delivery status of your notifications through different channels. You can visit this information over the past 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 12 months, or from the beginning of the activity of the community until now.


The straightforward message composition tool in BlipNow drastically reduces the time that you would be spending on maintaining contact with the audience of your community. The most exciting part of this application is the automation tool that easily allows you to schedule your messages and segment your audience and target those segments. These segmentations can be based on your follower’s activity, location, or registration date. So every time you get a new follower send them an invitation message to make them feel as a part of the community. 

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