Triggers segment your audience and usage of them is intuitive meaning that no extra complicated work needs to be done in order to segment your audience. 


Activity trigger allows you to specify your own definition of active and inactive subscribers by entering the number of days the subscriber must have been active or inactive to be considered as active or inactive.

Registration Date

Registration Date trigger is particularly useful for the case new subscribers in order to warmly welcome them and encourage them to increase their interaction with the community.

Session Count

Session Count trigger is another criterion for targeting engaged or not engaged audience of the community.

Scheduling gives you the ability to send the composed message at a later time or periodically with a specified frequency.


By attributing tags to your messages, you can retarget your messages later. For instance, if a certain notification is marked as “discount” you will be able to use the same message by typing the tag name “discount”. Also, tags categorize messages based on their contents and you can view the statistical report about the engagement of your audience with different tags.