Here you can give your message a title and compose its content. Real time preview of your notification in the channels you chose during the Setup phase is displayed on the right-hand side.

Automatically all chosen channels’ messages will have the same title and content once you type in your message in the respective fields.

You can upload images, documents, and videos for attaching these files to mobile push notification and email.

For composing an email in case you would want to use an HTML template you can choose different content checkbox so that the content of your email would be different than other channels. 

When you choose different content for the email you can either directly upload an HTML file using Email Template field or copy and paste your HTML template in the main text field.  By clicking on  "</>" you can view the preview of your HTML template.

For understanding the advanced features for mobile push and web push please refer to "Advanced Features" article in the following link:


Review and Confirm

This is the last step where you can recap your message composition process and confirm if you are happy with it.