Adding BlipNow to Slack (option 1)

In the past few years Microsoft’s cloud-based instant messaging software, Slack, has become one the most popular tools for group communication. From large corporations to small teams Slack has become the primary means of communication since Slack also allows integration of different useful software and tools. Hence, BlipNow has joined this big family to enable the users to send messages to Slack.

  1. By clicking on Add to Slack button from your community’s Dashboard you will be redirected to Slack’s page for adding BlipNow to your Slack account.


  1. In this page you can choose the Slack Workspace you would like to add BlipNowBot to. You can also view the information you will grant access permission to BlipNow.

  1. Your followers should activate receiving messages from Slack for your community’s settings in order to be able to receive your notifications through Slack.
  2. Once this option is activated the follower should sign into Slack using the button that appears.

  1. Notifications that you compose will be sent as DMs to your followers through Slack.

Adding BlipNow to Slack (option 2)

You can go ahead and use "Add more apps" option in the Apps list of your Slack workspace to BlipNow. 

You will then be redirected to BlipNow's website where you can sing-in to your account and proceed with adding Blip community to your Slack workspace following the previous steps.