Add Buttons

You can add buttons with predefined actions for sending mobile push to android devices. Using these buttons, you can understand the interest and engagement of your audience with different types of message contents better as BlipNow collects the result of the pressed buttons.



 you can pick the notification sound for more flare. ‘


Specifies the priority of the notification, if for instance the notification is marked as high priority, once the notification is sent it wakes up audience’s device.


This feature is for Android 5.0 and above version. It specifies how the notification would be displayed on the receiver’s device:


The notification will not be displayed on the lock screen.


The content of the notification will not appear on the lock screen.


Notification and its content will be displayed on the lock screen.

Image URL

In order to add an image to be displayed in the content of the notification you can add the URL of the image.



You can choose the sound of your notification.

Web Push

Image URL

Is the URL of the image to be displayed in the notification.

Action Buttons

You can add buttons to your web push and specify the action and the design of the button.

Action ID

Specify and ID of your action button.


Is the text to appear on your button.

Icon URL

The URL of the icon you would want to be displayed on your button.

Launch URL

The URL that you would want your audience to be redirected to once the button is clicked.