Managing Channels

By clicking on a community, you can view the settings of different communication channels related to that community.

On this page you can enable and disable different channels.

Mobile Push

Enabling this channel can only be done using either BlipNow’s mobile application since sending mobile push to a client’s device requires the client’s token. However, it is possible to deactivate this channel through the settings of the community on the web application.


After making sure that your community admin has added BlipNow to your Slack workspace you can start receiving the Blip community's notifications on Slack by signing in to your Slack account.



If the community admin has activated Telegram channel, you can enable this channel and login to your Telegram account. Upon logging in BlipNow bot will be added to your Telegram account and you can start receiving the respective community’s notification through the bot.

Reporting Abusive Content

You can use this option to report a community in case you receive a notification with inappropriate content either to the community admin or to BlipNow team directly. Or you can just simply unfollow the community which would prevent them from sending anymore notifications.