BlipNow has partnered with Clickatell to provide SMS services. However, users can also connect their own Clickatell, AWS SNS or PinPoint account to their communities to use SMS bundles they have purchased.

You can either use BlipNow's default settings or customize the SMS settings to get it connected to your own SMS provider account.


You can connect your own Clickatell API to your Blip community by entering your username, password, and API ID. 

AWS Setup


Since AWS cloud-computing is hosted in multiple locations, for using each service on AWS you can sepcify which Availability Zone you would like to place your resources. You can copy the region you are using for PinPoint/SNS in this field. (example: us-east-2)

Access Key

This filed is for entering the access key of your AWS IAM role for PinPoint/SNS.

Secret Key

According to Amazon's security policy your IAM roles secret key is like your password which you can acquire only once upon creating an IAM role.

Sender ID

BlipNow adds your chosen sender ID to the composed message as an indicator of the sending community.

Amazon App ID

This filed is for entering the ID of the project you have created on AWS.